Instructions for Maintaining and Caring for Your Damascus Knife

If you own a Damascus steel blade knife, you know the unique beauty it possesses. This type of steel has a rich history, having been used for some of the best swords throughout history. The distinct wavy design is truly a sight to behold. But with such a high-quality blade comes special care requirements. Here are our tips on how to maintain the beauty and functionality of your Damascus steel knife:

  1. Lubricate carbon steel Damascus blades.

Most Damascus blades are made of high carbon steel, which can rust if not cared for properly. Make sure to keep the blade clean and dry to prevent rust. After cleaning and drying your knife, use a wax such as Renaissance Wax to protect it from moisture and maintain its etched beauty.

  1. Avoid abrasives.

Using rough cloths, metal polishes, or steel wool can damage the blade and remove the etched oxidation that shows the pattern. If the etch is significantly altered, we recommend sending the blade back to the maker for re-etching service.

      3. Store it properly to keep it rust-free.

When not in use, store the knife in a dry interior environment, preferably in a box or padded zipper case. Avoid storing it in a wet environment or in a leather sheath, which can lead to oxidation. Keep the entire knife dry, including the handle. Using a dehumidifier bar is not recommended for natural handle materials, which can crack or separate. By following these tips, your Damascus steel knife will last longer and maintain its unique look.